What is Intellectual Outputs?

Analysis of good practices related to the technical, pedagogical competences of the training of tutors involved in dual pathways.

Each partner involved in the development of Intellectual Output 1 has produced a national report; starting from these documents, ITB (IO Leader) has created a comparative analysis that highlights the main characteristics and topics of WBL approaches useful for the development of the second Output.

Download Comparative Report A

If you are interested in having the documents also in german, italian, spanish or lithuanian language, we ask you to write us to the following e-mail address: mobility@cnosfap.net

The national reports, as well as the comparative report, focus on these primary issues:

The advent of the CoVID-19 Pandemic partially modified the GANTT of the activities, postponing the end of
its initial implementation from February 2020 to September 2020. Validation of the output was done online by the QWG due to the postponement of the second Project Meeting that was supposed to take place in
Madrid in April 2020. The comparative report was translated into 5 languages, while each national report was written in English, confirming the possibility of sharing information.