Competence Profile

Following the development of the Intellectual Output 1: Analysis of apparent best practices of technical and pedagogical competencies and innovative approaches for the training of trainers, tutors and staff engaged in WBL practices, the competency profile was developed that defined the different areas of activity and competencies that the Business Tutor should have also in a digitized work context.

This is what emerged also through a questionnaire submitted to the business tutors identified by the different partners in the target countries.

We have developed four training pathways that all begin with developing communication skills with youth.
The first path is related to distance learning, a practice that, especially in the last two years, has been able to develop.
The next training path is an example of how training can be done in a blended way, both in presence and online through the use of this training platform and digital tools in the classroom.
The third course, on the other hand, addresses various mentoring issues with excellent practical suggestions for tutors and mentors.
The last, but not least, course focuses on digital citizenship. Never as in these two years have we had access to platforms, social, cloud, email and websites, but do we really know how our data is treated? Try to find out through this training course.

All you have to do is choose the one that interests you most, or do them all!