Community of Practice

What is the Community of Practice

The Community of Practices is the space within which the exchange of knowledge, good practices, organized and quality will take place, in which each member can give its own qualified contribution and expertise.

The Community of Practices is the real beating heart of STEP UP. Within a dedicated space, training and company tutors, as well as teachers and technical-practical trainers, will be able to develop methodological skills to facilitate the delicate phase of training in a work context.

What do you find?

You will find different rooms where you can talk, compare and "learn" about different topics such as apprenticeship, dual training, mentoring in the company and in training, etc...

Experiences of different countries compared, join us!

What do we ask you?

We ask you to contribute to the dissemination and animation of the Community of Practices of the STEP-UP project in order to increase the exchange of knowledge, skills and best practices on how to accompany young people in the process of job placement.

Terms of Acceptance:

1) I declare that I am a trainer, teacher, training tutor or company tutor in the field of training and / or job placement.

2) I agree to contribute to the dissemination of the STEP-UP Community of Practice in order to ensure a shared vision among the members of the Community.

3) I agree to collaborate with the STEP-UP National Coordinator to periodically review compliance with quality standards.

4) I accept responsibility for all information reported to the STEP-UP National Coordinator.

5) I agree to notify the STEP-UP National Coordinator of any changes that may affect compliance with STEP-UP tasks.

6) I agree to the terms of privacy.